Tips for a successful Kickstarter

This is a list of guiding todos and best practices meant for any kind of crowdfunding project. It was compiled because there are gotchas in fulfillment, that cannot reasonably be forseen, and that you only learn about when you run into them for the first time or if you are told about them.

Do not leave this until after the campaign. Most things here you need to know in advance. While every item on this list is important, some items are more equal, than others. In fact, they are CRITICAL and are marked as such. Ignoring these items could lead to big financial troubles and turn even a mega succesful project into an awful experience. There are also a few items that only pertain to BOARD GAMES. The list is interactive, you can click the checkbox next to an item and the site will remember it.

This list is mainly based on Jamey Stegmaier’s Full list of Kickstarter lessons, their comment sections, some of his Insights from His Projects and other articles on his site. There's also a little bit from James Mathe’s Kickstarter Advice column. There are also tips I’ve come accross in the Kickstarter Best Practices, Tabletop Game Kickstarter Advice, Tabletop Game Publisher’s Guild and Board Game Spotlight facebook groups. There's also things here from business experience. Apart from Jamey and James, special thanks go to Timothy Cassavettes, Chern Ann Ng, Jay Cornier and others for giving their time generously in the facebook groups. I've spent multiple months of literally entire days reading through hundreads of blog posts and their comment sections, cataloging and organising the information and rewording them in succint, easily digastable bits. Please note that I've never run a Kickstarter campaign myself. I am however a software engineer who's good at sponging up vast amounts of information and pooping it out in a structured format.

Send me an email if you would like to see something added to the list.