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Decide where to advertise

Consider buying ad space on the usual suspects like Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc.. If you make a board game, definitely check out BGG's advertising options.

Those aren't the only places to think of however. As with promotions, try coming up with novel places where your ads might have a bigger impact for less money. Do you sell something for pilots? Why not contact small airfields around the country and ask if you can pay them to hang a few posters?

Also consider real live events, like conventions. If your budget allows, maybe even sponsor them.


Here's a couple tips on how to set up an ad:

1. Get a custom referral tag

2. Create the ad, mind the age range (maybe 22-40 year olds for board games)

3. Set desktop only & turn off sidebar ads (in case of Facebook)

4. Try to be succinct, but powerful. For example BirdMagnet is on Kickstarter! Over 400% funded! Only $20

5. Add a clean, real photo with real background material. It's better than digital render.

6. Split Test! When building your ad, try this test. Create 3 identical ads under a campaign. Switch only 1 variable at a time. So say, identical picture, identical text but one targets “Bird feeder AND Kickstarter”, one targets “Song birds and Kickstarter” and one targets “Good life AND Kickstarter”. Compare your results and learn from them.

7. You can start with $10 / day (Facebook example), but you can go higher if you have the money

Pre-launch advertising

Here's a handful of tips on pre-launch advertising, courtesy of Jamey.

  • Reveal the ads and the preview videos no more than 1 week in advance of the project launch. Focus on 1 or 2 ads and 1 or 2 previews, holding off on the majority of content until the project goes live.

  • Let people take action via a link to a newsletter, Facebook group, or even a campaign preview link.

  • Show the launch date if you have it (but only if you’re 100% sure you’re launching on that day).

  • When the campaign goes live, make sure to update the links so they go directly to your project page.

  • Convey the level of interest. I think it’s human nature to be more curious about things that lots of other people are excited for. With preview videos, you can see the viewer count, but that isn’t possible on ads. So I’m thinking it might be interesting if the ad itself displays a number that conveys the level of interest (quantitatively).

  • Put a “remind me” button on the ad. Any Kickstarter backer is familiar with that button. It’s a nice way of communicating, “If you click this ad, there will be a notification link on the other side.”

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