Some things to do on launch day.

Clear your calendar

Launch day is a tremendously exciting / stressful day that sees the result of all your months of hard work. It will probably need your full attention and you will likely not be able to concentrate on other things. With any luck, you will have lots of backer questions to answer, links to change, ads to launch, etc... Take a day off, clear your calendar.


Notify retailers, highlighting the benefits for them to back the project.

Triple check the project page

Re-read your project page and look for typos and check all the info. Make sure all photos and especially the reward levels, funding goal, project duration are up to date.

3rd party check

Ask a couple friends to read through the whole campaign and check for typos, inaccuracies and inconsistencies.


If you have any ancillary products on your website, put them on sale.

Press release

Send out your press release to all the parties you've previously researched.


Announce the launch to your email subscribers.


Launch your ads if you have planned any for the beginning of the campaign.

302 redirect

This is a very clever tip on how to get Google to rank your website higher than your Kickstarter project page. I'll let Jamey take it away.

Don't worry if this is way over your head. It's just a nice to have, it won't pose a serious problem if you don't do this.


Mention the project launch on relevant third-party websites where you’re already engaged in the community.

Press the button

Here it goes. 🎉

Link copied