The kind of advice in this section is the hardest to follow, as it potentially challenges you to change your way of thinking. It also councils patience and tries to turn you away from questions like wHy AReN’t wE maKIng mONey yEt? Don’t worry, the rest of the todos are easier to follow. Good luck, have fun!

You don’t have to launch today

Properly preparing for a campaign takes a long time. But that’s okay, because you don’t need to launch today. I promise there are only a handful of times when I make you read longer texts. Please go ahead and read that article. It’s very important you understand this point. Seriously. Please read that now. The bullet points you find there are integrated into this site.

The campaign is like a product itself

There are many important aspects to a campaign. Try to give it the attention to detail as you give your product. How much honesty you show, how genuine you are, how engaged you are with backers, how entertaining, unique or special you make your campaign to be, in other words how much of an emotional connection your backers form with your campaign will greatly determine your scale of success.

Back 5 other projects

This is huge. Spend a few bucks to get the backer updates. Pay close attention to your reactions and feelings, what you like, what you don't like. It will teach you a ton about what makes for a good campaign.

Compare 10 campaigns similar to yours

Make a table for campaigns similar to yours and gather different attributes. Project goal, number of backers, total funding, length of video, the reward amount that gets you the product, etc... Make sure to actually make the spreadsheet, don't just do it in your head, that's important. Correlation does not mean causation though. It's the actual doing of the exercises that'll help you realise things you haven't before.

Subscribe to blogs or podcasts in your topic

This might sound like work until you actually do it, but think of it as you reading about a subject you love and interacting with people about that subject. Don't sell, just participate. If you are genuinely there to just participate (and not sell) you'll have a blast and will also help your business.

Spend a day answering questions

Spend a day answering question online about a product you like (not your own) before anyone else. If you play board games, pick a game you know well, and spend a day answering every question about that game. This is about service. Not many people have experience with this feeling.

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