Video killed the radio star.

Catchy thumbnail

As nice as it is to look at a single piece of full-width artwork, feature your a product image on the thumbnail instead. Seeing the box of a board game (a digital picture is fine) is way enticing and feels more real, than a piece of artwork no matter how beautiful it is. Seeing a tangible-looking game box shows us that you thought this through, it feels more real and imminent and evokes way more trust than even the most beautiful single single piece of full-width artwork. That just tells me someone can draw well.

The thumbnail is also a good place to feature some important selling points that might make people click your project page while browsing Kickstarter. Things like a low price, or customs-friendly badges.

Make it high quality

You don’t need expensive equipment to shoot a video with great quality. For the video, you can use the camera of any modern smartphone.
Check out this fairly thorough cheap lighting video.
For audio, get a lav mic with a long cable (2-3m or 6-9ft).

Keep it short

If you want to optimise your video for the maximum number of people that watch til the end, keep it around 1 minute.

Show people’s reactions

Showing genuine positive or exiting (and / or funny) reactions from people can greatly increase your video's effectiveness.

Don't overthink it

You do not need an expensive, highly animated video with professional voice acting. Show us clean, well-lit footages with crips audio quality and talk about your product. Good humour and showing people's genuine reactions go a looong way. Way longer than any overproduced animation.

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